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Eden Intelligence is a business consulting, content and event production firm that works with leaders in government, business founders, investors and industry bodies.

Utilising a senior network of consultants and leaders from the defence, intelligence, cyber, and investment, Eden Intelligence conducts business development and capital raising, where suitable using an appropriate FCA regulated partner organisations.

Eden also produces international events. This year Eden Intelligence is directing the US Chamber of Commerce Burns Nicht in Washington DC on the 26th January, Eden having co-founded the event with the British American Business Association DC Chapter in 2023.  

Eden is the host of a soon to be published podcast, on the history of Second World War and Cold War intelligence, with co - presenters Nigel West, one of the world's most eminent Intelligence Historians, and Eden’s founder Gavin McNicoll

Two Men in Office

Our advisers and consultants have decades of experience in business consulting and development, as well as events and analysis for government and business founders and leaders. We carefully cultivate the best new thinkers in our network.
Eden regularly co-ordinates closed-door round-table meetings for our clients’ leadership. Agendas are tailored tailored to deliver practical dialogue and strategic insights.

Programming Console

Eden Intelligence conducts a regular series of briefing meetings specifically tailored for target audiences, including family office principals, hedge fund managers, business leaders and their senior responsible officers.

Our professionals and partner organisations have decades of experience and work with our clients to test and audit current levels of security, recommending and managing enhancements in protection levels using the most advanced tools and services available.  We deliver training for you and your staff and test again with an approach to security that is holistic, covering physical, personnel and cyber security. We then recommend regulated insurance partners to ensure you are fully covered.

Political Agreement

Since 2002, Eden Intelligence has curated a series of international security meetings and briefings for government agencies, private organisations and our track record includes the following acknowledged meetings:

  • Outreach training programme, incuding the initiation and support of it from 2006-2016 for a US government client, including an annual forum on foreign fighters.

  • International Terrorism and Intelligence (ITI) 2002-2009 *US and UK. Supported by all branches of the UK’s counterterrorism and security forces

  • International Terrorism Finance - Financial Intelligence Cooperation 2006 (G8+ with HMG)

  • International Terrorism and Energy Security 2006

  • Academic Centenary Conference marking 100 years of the British Security Service 2010

  • Academic Centenary Conference marking 100 years of the Secret Intelligence Service 2011

  • A series of closed door training events running from 2012 to 2017 for clients including the US DoD, ODNI and a range of family offices. 

  • In 2023 founded and hosted with co-founders the British American Business Association a VIP Burns Nicht with the support of HMG's British Embassy in DC, the Scottish Government and sponsors including Diageo, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman among others

  • In 2024 the event is now hosted by the United States Chamber of Commerce and has become the biggest and best Burns Nicht in the DMV. 

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Eden Intelligence takes the security of your personal data seriously. For a copy of our privacy policy please click here.

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